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The Nature Of Change

We believe that the power of thoughts can change the world.

But what is the nature of change? In the universe change is omnipresent. What does it take to change a human mind?

Jan 26, 2019

14.00 - Doors open
14.45- Door closes
15.00 - Event begins

Lund University Main Aula,
Paradisgatan 2, 223 50, Lund, Sweden


TEDxLundUniversity 2019

TEDxLundUniversity is coming back on the 26th of January to put your beliefs on a rollercoaster. With top-notch, industry-leading speakers joining us from all across the globe, we want to inspire, educate, motivate and empower our participants to embrace new perspectives.

Why change something that works? Why is it so difficult to change our habits? What drives the change of the universe and of our thinking?

  • An afternoon and evening filled with inspiration

  • 12 speakers from various fields

  • Unique space for spreading ideas and constructive discussion

  • Creative catering, mingle and networking

  • An opportunity for self-development



Lina Sjöholm

What is a psychologist’s perspective of the nature of change? Lina will share with us her professional view on behavior change. She has many years of experience with couples therapy and organisational behaviour management. Moreover, she is the founder and CEO of Psykologhuset Malmö a company set on creating positive change for both individuals and organizations.


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The Main University Aula

- A magnificent venue in the very heart of Lund

Paradisgatan 2, 223 50, Lund, Sweden

Meet the team

We count great organizers, creatives, managers and entrepreneurs among our team. We are here to bring you an evening not soon to be forgotten. 


Our team contributes energy, time and enthusiasm in order to create TEDxLund University.

Contact: firstname@tedxlunduniversity.org

Saga Gardevärn

Lead Organizer,
Head of Event Planning

Veronika Nesverova

Head of Communication

Camilla Kjaer

Head of Staff

Jonathan Sköldebrink

Speaker Relations

Madison Wright

Event Planning & Sustainability

Pierre Orsander

Public Relations

Stephen Holmes


Filip Bengtsson

Disa Björklund

Co-Head of Staff

Suzanne Regterschot

Event Planning 

Olivia Nilsson

Sponsor Recruiter

Sonny Bergqvist

Rhetoric coach

Filip Landgren

Licensee & Finance

Sarah Ruhweza

Reka Ines Tolg

Event Planning & Marketing

Jonas Eriksson

Video Production Lead

Lydia Nicoll

Event Planning

Laurina Bergqvist

Rhetoric coach


Hampus Jakobsson

One of the biggest and most auspicious names in the Swedish start-up scene. Hampus went through the whole journey from an entrepreneur to an angel investor. Hampus has invested in more than 80 companies, he has however more to give than money. Hampus regularly shares his knowledge and was recently awarded an honorary doctorate at Malmö University.

Sue Everatt

“With the technological knowledge we have today we could create all we need to live on the planet and eliminate scarcity and live in a world beyond poverty, war and politics.” Sue is a thinker and a part of the The Venus Project – an organization built around a new concept of money-free resource-based economy. How can we, the population of the planet Earth, change our economy to provide the highest possible living standard for all people?

Mattias Kristiansson

Following his passion for food Mattias became known in Sweden as the vegan chef. He is a food nerd, author of many vegan cookbooks and founder of the magazine VEGO, Swedens fastest growing magazine which now has almost 100 000 readers. Mattias is also known as a chef in Swedish public television.

Ed Winters

Ed Winters is a social media phenomenon and have appeared in TV and radio interviews on many major UK channels such as BBC. He went from a meat-eater to vegan, advocates for animals using discussion and debate and for this he has created several documentaries. Most recently Ed has opened a non-profit vegan diner in London.

Lewis J. Horne

Lewis is a local award-winning entrepreneur with a diverse global background.
He's a futurist, visionary and on a mission to revolutionize the world with his electric car startup valued over $100 M.
He has been featured in some of the largest publications in the world such as Forbes, BBC, Wired and Business Insider.

Sofia Ulver

 Sofia is a professor within marketing and an expert on social trends. How can larger shifts and social trends in society affect the global and local market? How are markets created?  Can they be manipulated and how easy is it to predict the future by looking at our history?

Ulf Danielsson

Ulf is Sweden's most famous physicist and have authored several best selling books. Have you ever wondered about our universe? About the origin, evolution and the future of our gigantic cosmos? Ulf is a professor in theoretical physics and decided to dedicate his life to studying exactly that. In his talk he will uncover the mysteries of our universe and other dimensions.

Philip Mossop

When passion for sustainability and all things tech meet a market demand. Philip is a British serial entrepreneur, challenging and rethinking the way business is done and helping UK with the way waste is traded. He’s a master of the side hustles – opening a restaurant in London, developing a social networking app and consulting other companies in sustainable solutions.


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Closing Remarks

David Stenholtz

David has a recognized face from Swedish television. He's an oncologist, chief physician and founder of the organization Läkare för Framtiden (Medical doctors for the Future) which educates the public about how what we eat affects our health and disease.
Why is it that plant-based diet seems to cure several chronic diseases? David will uncover the truth and the scientific evidence behind how to transform your heal
th with easy choices. 

Camilla Björkbom

Camilla has dedicated her life to advocating for change for those who cannot speak for themselves. For almost 9 years she has been the President for Djurens Rätt, Sweden’s largest animal rights organization fighting for protection of animals. Why is it that we love some animals and eat others? How can our perception of animals change? Why should we care for animals in a world with so much human suffering?

Jonathan Ljungkvist

“Life is an adventure” says Jonathan and he takes that literally. Adventure by adventure, Jonathan has crossed unbelievable distances walking, swimming, on bike, kayak and roller-skis.  When he's not in the middle of some crazy travel project he builds his career as a public speaker. A secret to success? “When one practices something for a long time then one becomes really good at it.”



In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx.
TEDx is a program of self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.
At TEDxLundUniversity, live speakers will spark deep discussion and connection. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organised.
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